About Renee

A Holistic Approach with a Kneaded Touch

Renee Carleson has been a practicing massage therapist for over 13 years, specializing in clinical massage. She has additional training with cervical injury and sports rehabilitation. Renee focuses her methods to alleviate pain cycles in her clients, biofeedback, reflexology, and meditation for holistic healing.

Renee has integrated the best modalities she has studied to create a massage that has the client in mind. She includes spa treatments and qualities to make her massages both productive and thoroughly relaxing. Renee uses only therapeutic-grade oils to help create a state of homeostasis, which allows for a more productive and healing massage experience.

While working as a medical assistant and attending school to become a massage therapist, Renee struggled to balance her daily life with the demands of a four year old son with special needs. She chose to use her practice on him, and never in her life had she seen her son respond so quickly and quietly to any treatment like that very first massage. By the end of it, her hyperactive little man was quiet as a mouse and limp as a dishrag.

Even with the small amount of training she had at the time, it was amazing to see how great an impact an hour's time could make in someone's life. Renee could rest easy knowing that massage treatments didn't interfere with western medicine and the regime her son was prescribed. It was then that Renee knew the true power of massage and that she had found her calling.

For her, massage and aromatherapy were the easiest forms of holistic treatment she could bring to her family. Essential oils were a key player in her daughter's life, who regularly asked for "smell-me's" in her bath, on her feet before bedtime, and for fun as a perfume. The benefits of essential oils have even followed Renee's daughter into life outside the house when she becomes overstimulated.